Who We Are
We work to bring sanity, clarity and intelligence to the overheated, over hyped world of communications. We have over 25 years of experience in all areas of communications, public relations, social media, photography, website management and content creation. And we can adjust your derailleurs too. Oh, and we're very good at Macintosh consulting.

Success Story
A client recently asked us to help improve the local visibility of their two store locations. After looking at the current state of their communications program, we went with multiple approaches. First, we pitched the opening of a new location to local media and were fortunate to get a front page newspaper story complete with color photo in the newspaper covering that area.

We pitched local TV stations on a human interest story that involved the primary location and two stations produced and broadcast the story. We improved the Facebook page content and increased traffic, likes, and exposure as well as improving community communications. We got several other press mentions for smaller stories, increased followers on Twitter, and established the company on LinkedIn, where they had no previous exposure.

Finally, we reached out to local schools and other organizations and offered specialized services to them free of charge. Several are interested and the long-term prospects look good on that front.

The result was increased traffic flow, improved visibility and a more positive public perception of the company.
Macintosh Consulting
Before there was Multisocial Media, there was Seinberg & Son Macintosh Consultants. For 13 years, we provided the finest and most cutting edge Mac consulting services in the Capital Region. Then the economy tanked, the Apple Store opened and things got pretty tight. However, certain stalwart clients never stopped calling so we decided to once again make those services available. We can help with system acquisition, upgrades, troubleshooting, general information and lots of useful Mac advice. And we'll still talk you off the ledge if the system crashed and you're an hour from deadline. Same great service, new name. Let us know how we can help.